TabCal 50

TabCal 50

Luxner TabCal 50

With our proven equipment, you are able to calibrate the required parameters on your tablet presses yourself.

Before shipment, all measuring and test equipment of the TabCal 50 is calibrated and the corresponding documentation is enclosed.
You will also find a manual for using the system.

Calibrating device TabCal 50

Can be used for Rotary- and eccentric tablet presses
regardless of model or manufacturer
Calibration Range 1N to 100kN
depending on application
Calibration of Main compression force
Precompression force
Ejection force
Tamping force
Scraper force
Upper punch stiffness
Lower punch stiffness
Verification By calibration certificates
Yearly check and calibration of calibrating device By Luxner Spezialmaschinen GmbH
Manual As PDF