CleanLine CL5

LUXNER CleanLine CL5

The rollable CL5 was developed by us for the economical production of small and medium batches, the scale-up operation and the clinical sample preparation. We particularly focused on performance and flexibility with a small footprint as well as precise filling and weight accuracy at every tabletting speed.

The complete operation takes place via the display of the functional sequence on a 19 “screen. Thus, the operator immediately has an eye on where an adjustment of the parameters is necessary.
Our intuitive software (developed and programmed by Luxner) offers, among other things, password log, error log, event log, recipe management, automatic versioning of the recipes, batch log, press force control, single sorting and network connection.

If the machine is equipped with all optional measuring points (main compression force, precompression force, ejection force, take off force), it can also be used for data acquisition for scale-up operation.
In addition, it complies with 21 CFR Part 11.

With the use of vibration damping and lockable heavy duty castors, the CL5 is easy to move and adapt to variable requirements. Last but not least, the new design will convince you of this machine at a demonstration.

Rotary tablet press CleanLine CL5

Turret type BB B D Kombi FlexAdapt
Tool stations
22 20 16 8 / 8 16
Tool type
(EU- or TSM – Standard)
EU-BB EU-19 TSM-19
EU-1″ 441 TSM-1″
EU-BB / EU-1″
EU-19 / EU-1″
EU-BB / EU-1″441
EU-19 / EU-1″ 441
TSM-19 / TSM-1″
EU-BB / EU-1″
EU-19 / EU-1″
EU-BB / EU-1″441
EU-19 / EU-1″ 441
TSM-19 / TSM-1″
Main compression force max.
60 kN
Precompression force max.
10 kN
Die table revolutions max.
15-100 Rpm
Tablet output
19.800- 132.000 Pcs./h
18.000- 120.000 Pcs./h
14.400- 96.000 Pcs./h
7.200- 48.000 Pcs./h
14.400- 96.000 Pcs./h
Filling max.
22 mm
Tablet diameter max.
16 mm 19 mm 25 mm
Depending on the selected tool type
Depending on the selected tool type
Punch separation max.
10 mm
Pitch circle diameter
230 mm
Upper punch penetration depth
3 mm
Width: 960 mm, Width with screen 1330 mm, Height: 1960 mm, Depth: 1060 mm
Weight appr. 1300 kg
Power supply
Operating voltage 400 V, 3Ph+N, 50 Hz; Fuse protection 25 A; Power requirement 6.5 kW