EasyTool Tooling/Handling/System

EasyTool Carrier 9

From our experience and in close cooperation with our customers, a tool handling system has emerged that safely accompanies your tools throughout the entire process, from the assembling to the turret to storage. Because the tool set remains in the carrier during all steps, dangerous rearrangements before or after washing or loading are avoided. The carrier has been developed to hold EU or TSM standard tools, other formats are possible on request.

With this system, we provide all components for the entire route of your tool sets.

EasyTool   The Plus

Transporting – Washing – Measuring – Sorting – Preserving – Storing

Everything in one carrier without rearranging!

  • One carrier holds 12 EU Standard tool sets (upper punch, lower punch, die)
  • Safe handling thanks to ergonomic handles
  • Secure fixation without the risk of falling or bumping into each other
  • Tilt-safe
  • Transport trolley with secure mounts for the carriers
Washing / Cleaning
  • The carrier guarantees the best cleaning results thanks to specially milled mountings
  • Ultrasonic baths according to your requirements
Measure / Sorting
  • Numbering, labeling and QR code possible
  • The carrier ensures the best possible accessibility for the preservative through specially milled mountings
  • Transport trolley with cover can also be used for storage
  • Matching fixed storage cabinet
  • Material certificate for the carrier possible