RoTab Bilayer

LUXNER RoTab Bilayer


The RoTab Bilayer is the most compact bilayer rotary tablet press on the market and is also equipped with extensive R & D and production functions.

The machine is predestined for operation in the laboratory because of its complete noise and vibration damping. In addition, the machine can be converted within a very short time for monolayer tablet production. Together with the FlexAdapt system, you have an extremely flexible tablet press for your laboratory or small batch production.

With the well-designed punch system, the machine is also suitable for operation with only one punch station, so you can make rotary trials with only 400 g of material per layer.
Another advantage of the RoTab Bilayer is the OneTouch sampling of the 1st layer.

The machine has 2 opti-fillers for the 1st and 2nd layer with separate suction to prevent cross-contamination.
A touch screen allows the operator to fully control and visualize machine parameters such as press forces, tablet output, ejection force, etc. The Software is 21 CFR part 11 compliant.

Adjustable automatic punch lubrication, as well as the maintenance-friendly design, enable low life-cycle costs.

Bilayer rotary tablet press RoTab Bilayer

Turret type BB 22 B 20 D 16
Kombi 8 / 8
FlexAdapt X16
Tool stations 22 20 16 8 / 8 16 / 16
Tool type (EU- or TSM-Standard) EU-BB
EU-19 TSM-19
EU-1″ EU-1″ 441 TSM-1″
EU-BB / EU-1″ EU-19 / EU-1″ EU-BB / EU-1″ 441 EU-19 / EU-1″ 441 TSM-19 / TSM-1″
EU-BB / EU-1″ EU-19 / EU-1″ EU-BB / EU-1″ 441 EU-19 / EU-1″ 441 TSM-19 / TSM-1″
Operating modes Bilayer and Monolayer Tableting
Main compression force max. 60 kN
Precompression force max. 10 kN
Tamping force max. 2000 N
Die table revolutions 5-40 Rpm
Tablet output with
13200- 52800 Pcs./h
12000- 48000 Pcs./h
9600- 38400 Pcs./h
4800- 19200 Pcs./h
9600- 38400 Pcs./h
Filling Layer 1
(Fill cams in 2mm-Steps)
3-12 mm
Filling Layer 2 2,5-10 mm
Filling in Monolayer mode 2,5-20 mm
Tablet diameter max. 13 mm 16 mm 25 mm
Depending on the selected tool type
Depending on the selected tool type
Punch separation max. 10 mm
Pitch circle diameter 230 mm
Upper punch penetration depth 3 mm
Dimensions Width: 1510 mm, Height: 1900 mm, Depth: 710 mm
Weight appr. 1300 kg
Power supply Operating voltage 400V, 3Ph+N, 50Hz Fuse protection 25A, Power requirement 6,5kW