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The machine, which we have developed especially as a mobile tablet press for the R&D and small batch production – batch sizes from 50 grams up to 50 kilograms – is mobile (on wheels), requires little space in the development laboratories and can also be simply moved to other locations.

A damping over the wheels and control cabinet prevents the manipulation of sensitive laboratory equipment, e.g. scales.
A 15 “touch screen with our proven software (21 CFR part 11 compliant) allows the operator to fully control the machine and visualizes all the instrumentation parameters: pre- and main compression force, ejection force, upper punch stiffness, take off force, punch travel.

The RoTab T can be driven with any number of punches, which means that only a small amount of product is required (400g with force feeder, with optional mini dose-system: 50 g).
The analysis of the extensive data is facilitated by the batch protocol with a summary of all production parameters and statistics.
The connection to a tablet tester with fully automatic control of the tablet weight and the automatic sampling pull enable easy handling.

The scale-up on all models of monolayer tablet presses is outstanding and with the optional IQ/OQ documentation, the RoTab T is fully validatable. This makes it suitable for production in clinical trials.

The main drive with its 3.0 KW is used optimally at high compression forces with low turret speed. The separately adjustable precompression station, the optional FlexAdapt turret (no turret change necessary) with a pitch circle diameter of 130 mm for all punch formats from FETTE FS 12 to EU 1 “- 441 and the flexible hopper sizes with docking solutions for all common feeding methods make the RoTab T 2.0 very interesting for the tablet development.

The window flaps with circular sealing elements shield the employees against dust from the compression area.

Worldwide over 70 installed RoTab T speak for itself.

Rotary tablet press RoTab T

Turret type BB 12 B 10 D 8 Kombi 4 / 4 FlexAdapt X8
Tool stations
12 10 8 4 / 4 8 / 8
Tool type
(EU- or TSM-Standard)
EU-BB EU-19 TSM-19
EU-1″ EU-1″ 441 TSM-1″
EU-BB / EU-1″ EU-19 / EU-1″ EU-BB / EU-1″ 441 EU-19 / EU-1″ 441 TSM-19 / TSM-1″
EU-BB / EU-1″ EU-19 / EU-1″ EU-BB / EU-1″ 441 EU-19 / EU-1″ 441 TSM-19 / TSM-1″
Main compression force max.
60 kN
Precompression force max.
10 kN
Die table revolutions
10-70 Rpm
Tablet output
10.800- 50.400 Pcs./h
9.000- 42.000 Pcs./h
7.200- 33.600 Pcs./h
3.600- 16.800 Pcs./h
7.200-33.600 Pcs./h
2-20 mm
Tablet diameter max.
13 mm 16 mm 25 mm
Depending on the selected tool type
Depending on the selected tool type
Punch separation max.
10 mm
Pitch circle diameter
130 mm
Upper punch penetration depth
3 mm
Width: 1200 mm, Height: 1790 mm, Depth: 600 mm
Weight appr. 460 kg
Power supply
Operating voltage 400 V, 3Ph+N, 50 Hz; Fuse protection 16 A; Power requirement 5 kW